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Nectar Textured Blinds


Textures have a magical effect wherever they are concentrated. Many of you still might not be aware that just like colours, textures also have a great psychological influence over human minds. For instance, horizontal lined textures indicate laid back and calm attitude, but vertical lined texture would influence an active behaviour. Therefore LIVIN BLINDS has introduced their window blinds in an eco-friendly texture involving flowers, leaves and nectar sucking butterflies which brings about the freshness in the environment. Since, nowadays cities are full of buildings and are short of natural gardens and parks, so in this phase, these blinds give a glimpse of nature with alluring colours where you can feel connected to the natural environment while still enjoying complete privacy and security at your spaces. These window blinds can be used at commercial as well as residential spaces like hospitals, offices, schools, spas, recreational areas, etc. to provide a liveliness and natural aura around you that calms and relaxes you up.

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