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Chartreuse hue Blinds


Infinite range of colours don’t surprise anyone but how we come across a novel shade of a colour but still name it after its primary hue, surprise us every time. That is why, to spread the wings of knowledge, LIVIN BLINDS has chosen unique and sophisticated shades to let you introduce you to a splash of some quirky hues. The chartreuse coloured window blinds is a fusion of yellow and green colours which basically forms the avocado’s shade. If you are a keen lover of metal objects, then also you can opt for these coloured blinds because it compliments the metallic gizmo’s in the best possible way. This perfectly defines the simplicity yet classiness of your blinds and soothes out the environment with its calm nature. With a modern hue nudge in these window blinds, it remains remarkable with its functionality and since we strictly do not believe in not compromising our quality, its colour will never fade away.

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