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Print glimpse window blinds


Textile printing is one of the legacies that have passed on from the early 12th Century and has still chosen to serve as a great purpose in textile merchandising. Printing is something which cannot be limited in just the textile industry but other industries too. In fact now, it has decided to rule the industry of interior designing via its unmatched charm. Therefore, LIVIN BLINDS has now introduced their novel collection of “Printed Window Blinds” and decided to first slay its glamour over the Zebra Blinds. But we have created enough flexibility to provide it to you in other types of window shades too. The alchemy of textile prints and flowery patterns is probably since for ever. Therefore the window blinds has a tinch of flowery and leafy prints over the opaque intervals of zebra blinds whereas the sheer intervals would remain plain and sheer to maintain the sanctity and identity of these shades. Since these are the environment friendly shades, therefore the flowery pattern define its existence over these blinds. When you choose not to overlap the opaque intervals, you can also customise the inside of the fabric and have prints on them as well. This would outspread the curvaceous prints all over the blinds while not compromising on security and privacy of your interior space. This idea has widened the boundaries in creating the new concepts in the line of interior designing. While we seek the creativity in this artsy field, Livin Blinds has proven to accentuate their brand’s remark ability via vocalising their abilities by displaying their works rather than just bragging it out physically. Nowadays, something different is all that matters. Even the upcoming interior designers are hunting up the markets and industrial hubs to discover something different and unusual to apply it in their designing. So to keep in mind the demand of something unusual among people, these printed upholstery is up for creating its evergreen pug marks in the society. Make sure you are aware and updated while treating your windows in an efficient way so that you become the trendsetter of your era. Besides always remember that you have the choice of choosing between the manual and motorised mechanism according to your needs and wishes.

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